Voice Control

What does my voice say about me?

Some people may speak too quietly, making it difficult for others to hear them, or people might get the impression that you are scared, anxious, disinterested, or uncertain. On the other hand, speaking too loudly can make it uncomfortable for someone to be near you. Sounding monotone can make you sound boring.

Difficulty controlling your voice can impact your pitch, volume, tone, and other vocal qualities. Your voice says a lot about who you are as a person, and your current state of mind. Your voice can quickly make people disengage as they start to feel bored and try to withdraw from the conversation. 

If you have voice control issues, your voice may show signs of the following:
● Rough, strained or choppy voice
● Quiet or weak sounding voice
● Monotonous or flat voice
● High-pitched or low-pitched voice
● Nasal sounding voice
● Easily worn out or tired voice

At Speak Fluent, our registered Speech-Language Pathologists can help you with voice control through one-on-one training sessions, where clients can practice communication skills in different scenarios. Invest in your communication skills and further your personal development by booking a free consultation today.

What we are best at

Our Areas of Expertise

Accent Modification
Adapt your ears and speech to your audience. Be more precise with your pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns.
Controlling how your voice sounds, including intensity, quality, pitch and resonance.
Social Communication
Understand verbal and non-verbal cues. Improve your social skills and your ability to build relationships.
General Communication
Identify areas of improvement with your speech, whether it is pacing, filler words, enunciation or word choice.
Present your best self in meetings and presentations. Speak with impact and clarity.
Idea Articulation
Explain your ideas with specificity and brevity. Get rid of hesitations and speak with confidence.
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