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Good News: Many companies offer a Learning and Development (L&D) budget that covers the cost of our programs!

We can provide a few documents to help you get your training reimbursed, so you can focus on improving your communication skills without worrying about cost.

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How to expense Speak Fluent services

Before starting, make sure to check if your company has a Learning and Development (L&D) (also commonly named “Education” or “Personal Development”) budget that you can use.

How does the paying and reimbursement process work? 
It depends on your company’s specific policies. There are two common cases:

1. Pay per session and submit receipts to the company after each session
2. Pay the full cost of assessment and sessions upfront via invoice, then get reimbursed by the company

Your company may request an invoice after program completion or when you first make the payment for the program. We can provide you a detailed paid invoice to submit for reimbursement.

Contact us at [email protected] if you need help with the reimbursement process, or with adding custom information such as your company name or address.

Program Proposal

If you need to submit a program breakdown or proposal for your company’s approval, we can put together a professional communication program proposal with information on:

- Potential goal areas 
- Session schedule/frequency
- Recommended assessment and training sessions package customized according to your personal goals and budget amount

After that, all you need to do is to submit the proposal to your employer!

Email Template

Do you need help creating a proposal email for your employer? 

Here are some key information you can highlight to let them know why our program can benefit you and the company: 

Dear [Manager's Name],

I wanted to share information about the "Professional Communication Program" offered by Speak Fluent Speech Services, which I am interested in enrolling in. Other professionals working at companies such as Scotiabank, Microsoft, and TELUS have also tried this program to enhance their presentation skills and overall speech clarity and fluency.

Here’s why it’s a valuable opportunity:
- 1-on-1 training provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist
- Practice activities tailored to personal speech goals, work and life situations
- Access to speaking skills groups to ensure progress and continuous learning 

By joining this program, I can learn to communicate more effectively, give presentations confidently, and lead productive discussions. I can also share what I learned afterwards to help move us forward in our team’s future performance and collaborative efforts.

If the company is able to fund this, I can provide a professional proposal based on the available budget. You can read more about the speech clinic and their services at: 

[Your Name]
I have both employer funding and private insurance. How can I take advantage of both?
What is the program length and duration?
My schedule fluctuates; do I have set time and dates for my weekly sessions?
What is an example of an activity we will do in the sessions?
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