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Did you know that our service is covered by insurance?

Check out some funding options, and information on how you can check your coverage amount and submit an insurance claim below.

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Available Funding Options

Workplace Insurance

Family Insurance

School Insurance

Professional Development (PD) funding through your employer
**Book a consultation with us to learn more about how PD funding works and submitting a proposal to get funded!

Where to Check for Speech Therapy Coverage

Sign in to your insurance account and review your health insurance plans. When browsing through your plans’ coverage details, check for mentions of “speech therapist” or “speech-language pathologist” under sections of “paramedical services”, “extended health care” or other sections with similar titles.

Login to your insurance provider below to check your coverage details:

Insurance provider not here? Check your insurance policy to see if speech therapy is covered, or book a free consultation to learn more!

How to Make an Insurance Claim

  1. Get an invoice within 48 hours after each session
  2. Use the receipt information to file and submit your insurance claim
  3. Get reimbursed! 
    **If your bank account is connected to your insurance provider, the typical reimbursement period is about a week.
How do I know if my insurance covers this service?
 I can’t find coverage details on my insurance provider’s website.
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