General Communication

How can I be a better speaker?

Having strong communication skills can aid individuals in all aspects of life, from your personal to professional life and everything in between. Having strong general communication skills can improve your personal life and the work life. Poor communication can quickly sour relationships and cause misunderstandings.

Those who work in the healthcare, business or tech sector need to be able to listen to other people’s ideas while effectively communicating their own. Research shows that employees who believe their managers actively listen to them are five times more enthusiastic and twenty-one times more likely to feel loyal to their company! Managers and those with higher authority can create a better workplace experience by having general solid communication skills, reducing turnover, burnout, anxiety, stress, etc. 

General communication skills that our Speech-Language Pathologists will help you with are the following:
● Pacing
● Enunciation
● Word choice
● Tone of voice
● Social etiquette

With the help of Speech-Language Pathologists at Speak Fluent, you can improve your general communication, helping you excel in the workplace and improve your relationships. Invest in your communication skills and further your personal development by booking a free consultation today!

What we are best at

Our Areas of Expertise

Adapt your ears and speech to your audience. Be more precise with your pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns.
Control how your voice sounds, including varying volume, quality, pitch and resonance. Improve your verbal delivery to engage your listeners.
Understand verbal and non-verbal cues. Improve your social skills and your ability to build relationships.
Present your best self in meetings and presentations. Speak with impact and clarity by improving how you speak and prepare for presentations.
Explain your ideas with specificity and brevity. Get rid of hesitations and speak with confidence.
Identify areas of improvement for your speech, whether it is pacing, filler words, enunciation, or word choice.
Reduce stuttering, pronounce words clearly, and improve your language ability to express your thoughts clearly.
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