How can I be a better presenter?

Have you ever noticed when some people present, the room becomes quiet as the audience tunes into the presenter and their message? While other presenters lack the confidence to command the room and capture the audience, causing their key messages to be forgotten quickly? Speaking out in front of people is daunting as nerves may arise and unexpected questions may catch you off guard. Which kind of presenter are you?

Exceptional public speakers use a combination of their voice, intonation, and word choice to send an impactful message. Our registered Speech-Language Pathologists aim to create long-lasting changes in speech and voice patterns that will positively impact your professional and personal life. With our services, you will learn to use your voice to emphasize important information, structure presentations for clarity and improve your confidence! Here at Speak Fluent, our Speech-Language Pathologists work with people from all walks of life to show them how to display genuine confidence in front of an audience and become outstanding presenters!  

You can improve your presentation skills if you do any of the following:
Use too many filler words like “um”, “uh”, or “like”
Uptalk, making every sentence sound like a question
Mumble and/or talk too fast
Sound boring or monotone
Speak too quietly
Go off topic
Blank out

If your goal is to improve your public speaking skills and deliver your message while captivating the audience, we are here to help! Invest in your communication skills and further your personal development by booking a free consultation today.

What we are best at

Our Areas of Expertise

Adapt your ears and speech to your audience. Be more precise with your pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns.
Control how your voice sounds, including varying volume, quality, pitch and resonance. Improve your verbal delivery to engage your listeners.
Understand verbal and non-verbal cues. Improve your social skills and your ability to build relationships.
Present your best self in meetings and presentations. Speak with impact and clarity by improving how you speak and prepare for presentations.
Explain your ideas with specificity and brevity. Get rid of hesitations and speak with confidence.
Identify areas of improvement for your speech, whether it is pacing, filler words, enunciation, or word choice.
Reduce stuttering, pronounce words clearly, and improve your language ability to express your thoughts clearly.
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