Idea Articulation

How do I explain myself better?

Have you ever had an outstanding idea that you wanted to pitch to someone, but as soon as you started explaining, you could not articulate your concept clearly and concisely? It is common to go on tangents, throw in jargon, use vague words, and incorrect vocabulary if you are uncomfortable with idea articulation. Your thoughts may become incoherent, leaving you feeling stressed and awkward. The value of your ideas and thoughts may not be fully recognized if you are not familiar with voicing them.

Working professionals often find themselves in fast-paced environments with limited time to communicate their plans or ideas. Without strong idea articulation, it is easy to find yourself wasting time using filler words like "um, literally, just, actually," therefore, failing to get your point across. When healthcare professionals have a diagnosis or treatment plan, it is vital to articulate ideas coherently to help prevent injuries and increase trust between the patient and caregiver. For employees in marketing, advertising or sales, creating campaigns and communicating with consumers in a compelling but concise manner is a key to success. Idea articulation is critical in different occupations, academics, and personal relationships.

With the help of our Speech-Language Pathologists at Speak Fluent, you can improve your idea articulation by doing the following:
● Remove nonspecific words
● Define or avoid jargon
● Expand your vocabulary
● Organize your thoughts

By enhancing your idea articulation, you can focus more on what you are trying to say rather than how you are saying it! Invest in your communication skills and further your personal development by booking a free consultation today.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Adapt your ears and speech to your audience. Be more precise with your pronunciation, intonation and stress patterns.
Control how your voice sounds, including varying volume, quality, pitch and resonance. Improve your verbal delivery to engage your listeners.
Understand verbal and non-verbal cues. Improve your social skills and your ability to build relationships.
Present your best self in meetings and presentations. Speak with impact and clarity by improving how you speak and prepare for presentations.
Explain your ideas with specificity and brevity. Get rid of hesitations and speak with confidence.
Identify areas of improvement for your speech, whether it is pacing, filler words, enunciation, or word choice.
Reduce stuttering, pronounce words clearly, and improve your language ability to express your thoughts clearly.
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