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Speech training can help address communication difficulties that can be a barrier to your team’s efficacy. Learn how your employees can take their communication skills to the next level today.
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All of our corporate programs can be customized to fit your organization's needs.
See below for some sample programs we've done in the past.

General Strategies for Better Communication

Many businesses hire for technical skills first, and not soft skills. As employees seek out new challenges, responsibilities involve more meetings and speaking, and difficulties with communication become apparent. Help your team succeed.

Engaging Speaking Skills

Effective habits that engage your voice, your body, and your mind to help your listeners stay engaged as you speak.
Learn how to:

Public Speaking Mindset

Most people who begin their public speaking journey have all the wrong approaches. Understand what the pros do with this program.
Learn how to:

Our communication coaches are licensed experts in communication

All of our coaches are registered speech-language pathologists who have a master's degree in speech pathology. As professionals trained in communication, we can identify opportunities to improve communication, and set SMART goals to achieve them.

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