Be heard, speak clearly and confidently

Accent modification, communication training and speech therapy for professionals by registered Speech Therapists, covered by insurance.

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Become a confident and impactful speaker

Speak with Confidence

Converse confidently knowing that people are paying attention to what you're saying, not how you're saying it.

Feel like Yourself

Understand your speech and vocal habits so you can sound the way that you want to sound.

Build Positive Relationships

Help others understand you and show that you care about others through your tone and choice of words.

Level up your Communication

Learn how you can improve your communication with strategies tailored to you.

Success Stories


Finance Professional


Liam is a professional early in his career in finance. He worked in a fast paced, high pressure environment and he feels that his communication is lacking in clarity.


1. Improve ability to speak concisely and sound more confident
2. Improve speaking skills and clarity in high pressure environments




"After 12 sessions, I felt more confident using the tools to control my pacing and verbal expression in different work environments."


Customer Service


Shawna immigrated from Nigeria to Canada several years ago, but had difficulty handling customers because she struggled when going off script due to anxiety.


1. Be able to overcome anxiety related to stuttering
2. Be able to manage stuttering behaviours using various fluency strategies to feel more comfortable speaking in different contexts




"I was able to manage my stuttering, and am much more confident when in interviews and talking with clients.

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"I am now more confident in my own speech and have taken notable steps towards progressing my career by using the tools [Speak Fluent] has taught me."

- Nelson L.

Speech Training, covered by work insurance

Our services are provided by registered speech-language pathologists which is a regulated health profession. Check your work insurance coverage to see if it covers services for speech therapists and you can use that towards our assessment or training sessions!

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